Hire A Professional Tree Trimmer in the Fall

Autumn is definitely the time to do preemptive maintenance around the house and around your lawn. I guess sometimes I think of it like preparing for winter time .

Northern VA Tree Trimming CompanyEver since leaving the welding industry and working with these yahoos at this Northern VA Tree Trimming Company, I’m really starting to come around and develop a new size of Adventure. I’ve been up and down ladders, in bucket trucks, and hanging from tree limbs 50 feet in the air. It gets my heart racing and now I love what I do.

The other day I was on a huge ladder cleaning some second floor gutters and inspecting this woman’s roof. It’s always good to do both at the same time if your roof is comprised of asphalt shingles you need to see if little pieces have fallen in the gutters. That’s a pretty sure sign that you need to replace your roof I also check the flashing to make sure water isn’t leaking and causing more damage to the roof .

But my real passion has become trees. They can take a good landscaping job and make it look great!  A large, beautiful oak tree can be a pain in the butt. Or and amazing addition to a home’s look. They can be unsightly or they can be majestic.

People need to make sure they’re trimming and pruning their trees regularly so that these trees grow well and grow healthy. There are a lot of safety issues that come along with doing this so it’s always best to hire a professional if you have large tree limbs that are growing really close to your home they can be dangerous. Last week snow storm proved that point I’ll bet I cut up three or four dozen trees the head either fallen in a roadway, on someone’s home or property, and one even fell on a car.

Again, always make sure you have a professional to help you with this work.

Tree Fails

Thank goodness these are the guys that I work with. Videos like these make me cringe – and laugh at the same time. I feel bad for these guys…but damn! You gotta be smarter than that!

The thing about these fail videos is they will never run out of material.  People are always screwing up and we, as humans, always want to watch.  It’s like the perverbial trainwreck.  We can’t look away.  We see humor in other people’s pain.  Someone we feel like that’s ok because stupidity should be rewarded with pain!

The Arc Buster Guy

My claim to fame…back in the 90’s I was the first person to wear what was known as the Arc Buster. It’s a welding suit that was supposed to protect welders from getting burned. Back in those days it was a huge improvement over what we normally wore while welding.arcbuster-suit

Nowadays there are a bunch of suits out there that guys are wearing. They are pretty amazing…some space-age NASA shit. But there’s an interesting story that goes along with being the first to wear this suit.  And that my friend, is my claim to fame.

The guys in the shop were pretty impressed with the suit…we were all taking turns sampling this new suit. After about two week of testing it, one of the guys decided it would be a good idea to really test it out and see if it could withstand a prank attack. They literally burned a hole in the ass of the suit (and the guy wearing it – ME!) and all of a sudding, things weren’t so funny anymore.

These days, I still have a few scars on my back side. The burn wasn’t serious, but it did leave some burn marks and I give this guy a hard time to this day about how he “really burns my ass!” It’s funny now. Then? Not so much.

So now I’ve moved on and I’m working for a tree trimming company. Yes, my career took a bit of a weird turn. But the truth is…there is some serious money in this game if you just work hard. I’m thinking I’ll start my own company after a few more years, but for now, I’m happy working with this team. They’re nice enough guys…but we don’t screw around like the welders I worked with. These guys are serious about safety and about going home in one piece. And it’s serious! If you screw up, you go home at night with only 8 fingers, one arm, or one leg.

I’ll tell you more about this crew in a few of my posts later on. But for now, I’m just known as the guy who got his ass burned in the arc buster.